Selling Without an Audience? No Problem! Here's a Strategy

You've Likely Heard That You Need An Audience To Sell To. And While That's True To Some Extent, You Can Totally Sell Without One!

Here's How:

1. Know what you're selling

If you don't have this one clearly laid out, the next steps won't help you at all...It may even hurt your future progress. So don't skip this step.

If you don't know what you're selling but you know what industry/niche you're in, ask yourself these questions:

  • What is a big Need and Want that your industry has? (Just because people need something, doesn't mean they want it)
  • How do they want this Need fulfilled?
  • Can you pre-sell or build this with the help of a couple of ideal clients?
  • Can you create a couple of photo ads on Canva to use as promotion and a landing page to purchase?

2. Build a list of experts you know who have an ideal client audience for you

DO NOT put experts on this list if they have corporate CEOs and you want to sell to stay-at-home mompreneurs. Make sure these experts have your ideal clientele.


  • If you're close friends, ask them to bring you in as a guest speaker into their Facebook group Live, podcast, blog, or Youtube Channel.

  • If you don't have any relationship with these people, start building one! Comment daily on their posts, learn from them, tell them how they've helped you grow, and consistently promote them to people you know.

  • Ask your friends, family, and network if they know someone who's looking for guest speakers inside of their audience.

  • Start networking; join groups, attend live events (virtual and in-person), and broaden your network to find more experts

3. Schedule guest teaching sessions

Now that you have a list, reach out to each person on it and ask if they would get value from bringing you in!

(If they don't trust your expertise, this won't work. So send them some videos of you teaching in your element, or audios of your talking about your zone of wisdom)

  • Schedule at least 1 per week for 2 months. Preferably 2 per week! That's 8-16 guest events.

  • Make sure to CLEARLY promote 1 action at the end of each event: "Go to my link [xyz] to sign up for [offer title]!"

4. (Most often missed!) Reach out for a testimonial

If someone got all of the steps up until now, I rarely see them do this. Get those dang testimonials!

Personally, I love using VideoAsk. They can offer you a video, audio, or written review with a button click.

This simple, yet super secret squirrel strategy, is the BEST strategy to use when first starting out as an entrepreneur. Or if you're going to launch a new offer.

Lastly, what's the best thing to sell at the end of your guest appearances?

...Since you still need an audience, I highly suggest selling your newsletter subscription. It's not a monetary sale, so you won't be making money. But your email list is the golden river that runs through your business...So get to building that ASAP!

If you focus on this strategy, whether you're brand new or stagnant in your current business, you will see massive growth.

CONCLUSION: If you don't have the money for a minimum of $500/month for paiid ads, then you need to leverage other people's audiences to least until you build you're own (this also helps you build your own audience quickly!).

Let me know if you use this strategy in the comments below!

Author: Sherice Kral

Sherice Kral is a Certified Maxwell Leadership Coach, Robbins-Madanes Strategic Intervention Coach, and small business strategist with certifications through Harvard Business School.

Sherice is also a Veteran; having served in the U.S. Army for 10 years as a UH-60 helicopter crewchief and mechanic.


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