Maybe Santa is Real?

Growing up I was taught at a very early age that Santa wasn't real. Christmas was celebrated without Santa and any reference to coal, or jolly old Saint Nick was removed from our home.

Even as a kid I got it, there was no big man with a white beard with reindeer landing on every home to drop presents under the tree.

Fast forward a few, ok more than a few, years and I wondered if maybe we have it all wrong. Could it be that there are lessons we can learn from Santa? This next sentence may be heresy, but why can't Santa and Baby Jesus work together?

I know if you go back in history there are several entities that point to this already. (There was an actual Saint Nicholas). Regardless of what origin story resonates with you, it appears that these entities got their start helping people. In a way, they were superheroes before we saw the big red "S".

My argument for Santa being real is not the man or character himself, but the fact that there are people like you who in the midst of life, parenting, work, and then on top of it all trying to build a business still find the time to give of yourselves generously with no expectation of recognition or reward.

People like yourselves who wake up every day with seemingly insurmountable obstacles to overcome yet still answer the call for help tell me that Santa isn't complete fiction.

There is something inside you that says if you can help if you can add value if you can make someone's life better even for a minute you are going to do it. You know not to have a factory full of elves, but your contact list is made of people who know how to get things done.

We spend so much time being told that made-up characters on a movie screen are worthy of our attention when in every community there are people answering the call.

To me there is no ‘maybe’. Santa is real because even with a world in chaos, you all are Santa.

Author: Travis Partington

Travis grew up in the midwest before moving with his family to the South. He is a Marine and served as a radar operator for HAWK Missile System.

Travis is the host of the military and veterans podcast, Oscar Mike Radio. Oscar Mike Radio has over 300 shows and is in the sixth year of production.

In addition to using his voice for Veterans, Travis has also done voice-over and is currently working on an audiobook “A Warrior’s Garden” written by MalachiasGaskin.


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